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Hi! I'm Angela! I'm ready to help you with your health and fitness journey. Let's do this!

I really am just a regular girl with BIG dreams.  I was raised simple with a strong military influence.  I learned early to DIG DEEP and be RESILIENT.  I am outgoing and LOVE PEOPLE and have always been drawn to the role of “HELPER.” As a child, I played school in my room when I was punished, so there really was no big surprise that my career path lead towards education.  I am a trained teacher and now a Middle School Guidance Counselor so YES, I have at least 10 percent crazy in me.  Being the first in my family to attend and graduate college, there was a huge learning curve during my early college years.  I am driven!  I DON'T give up, I DON'T give in, I back track, I slip, I fall, but I am a FIGHTER!  I am HUNGRY for a life of FREEDOM for my family!  I wear many hats to include daughter, sister, friend, Veteran, and business woman, but by far the two most important roles to me are WIFE and MOM.  My sweet family of four drives my passion even deeper into the ground.  I have a hunger to be present in every aspect of our life.  I started coaching with Beachbody in July 2013.  It’s natural, organic, and fits my life passions.  COACH compliments my lifestyle and it brings me JOY and holds me accountable in my own health journey!  It is my desire to share motivation and support that is real.  I keep it simple and I strive to stay true to who I am on a daily basis.  Nothing fancy here, I am just a simple girl, crazy enough to think I can change the world.  I am ME and I am OK!